‘AI should elevate humans’: WorldCoin exec

Youngwon Kim 2023.10.18 01:46 PDT
‘AI should elevate humans’: WorldCoin exec
Tiago Sada, the head of product, engineering, and design of WorldCoin. (출처 : Youngwon Kim/The Miilk)

The iris-based authentication platform operator vows to secure the AI era with universal identification solutions.

When OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was working on the development of generative AI several years ago, he must have known that the technology would profoundly change how the world works. This likely led to the question, 'How can one trust people online?' Another question that may have crossed his mind was related to the disruption of jobs and whether we need a social safety net, such as universal basic income or other welfare programs. There may also have been a question about how to fairly distribute the wealth generated by AI systems.

As a result, questions concerning person verification and wealth distribution have become crucial issues for elite tech leaders in recent years. Sam and his co-founder, Alex Blania, of WorldCoin joined forces to address these problems with the WorldCoin protocol in 2019.

“WorldCoin’s mission is to solve issues like authenticity and wealth distribution in the age of AI, as AI should elevate humans,” said Tiago Sada, the head of product, engineering, and design of the protocol, in an interview with The Miilk on October 18 in Seoul. “To accomplish that mission and make the WorldCoin system work, it's essential to have as many people as possible in the network,” he added.

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